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Outside of Switzerland – travel without a visa All countries within Europe have abolished by the Schengen Agreement – to which also Switzerland belongs – personal controls on borders as much as possible. With some exceptions, sometimes even temporary entry to all member countries without passport or visa is possible To the so called full… View Article
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Identity Card

The identity card in credit card form was introduced from the 1st of July, 1994 first in a pilot’s phase and then on the 1st of January, 1995 definitively. In 2003 it was slightly redesigned. The so-called kinegramm is now integrated in the card body and thus better protected. Today, instead of the eye colour,… View Article
  1. Validity of the Identity Card
  2. Initial Application
  3. Size & format
  4. Fees for Identity Card
  5. Online application
  6. Chip
  7. Lost ID card
  8. Identification Obligation

Swiss half-fare / General Pass (GA (SBB))

The Swiss half-fare as well as the general pass (GA) are published by the Swiss Federal Railroads (SBB). With the half-fare you receive on all distances of the SBB as well as with nearly all other Swiss rails, ships, coaches and trams a ticket reduction of 50%. You find further information about the half-fare here…. View Article
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Visa photos

Demands for the photos required for a visa can be taken from the undersides below. An overview of the single countries, with the specific demands for the entry, is observable under the category “Visa“.
  1. Size & Format
  2. Create photo for a Visa
  3. Requirements

Student Card

The student identity card or also legitimization card or UNICARD, is given by the respective college or university and is, so to speak, the identity card of the student life. The history of the “Legi” can be found here. As well as with identity card and driving licence, the legitimization card adorns the effigy of… View Article

Badge / Admission ID

In particular, companies with a large number of employees issue every employee an internal document, the so-called badge or admission card. This has on the one hand a classical identity card function, on the other hand, serves regularly at the same time as an admission authorisation for the company area as well as for measuring… View Article


To provide an application with all what belongs to it may not be easy for anyone. The first impression is crucial in addition to skills and qualifications. Those who plan to decorate their application with a portrait have to pay attention to a few important details. Of course it is vital at which kind of… View Article
  1. Application Photo

Photo Booth or Photo Cabine

A photo booth, sometimes also called photo cabine, is an approx. 2 m × 2 m × 1 m large construct, which contains an automatic camera, mostly based on coin-operation, as well as a photo quick development machine or a photo printer. Photo booths serve for passport photos or spontaneous memory images, which are in… View Article

Swiss Pass (SBB)

Since early August 2015, you get a half-fare card or a general pass only on the so-called Swiss pass, which is provided with a passport-size photo size in the format 35 x 45 mm. In addition to the subscriptions to the SBB the Swiss pass can be used for other services, e.g. for the Mobility… View Article

Driving Licence

Illustration of the currently valid driving licence  
  1. Lost / Stolen Driving Licence
  2. Validity

Visa Application

How to get a visa or a visa in three easy steps In addition to the creation of your visa pictures at idphoto, you also have the possibility to request your visa from our partner Visaworld with all that you need. Visaworld takes care of all formalities and relieves you from the coordination with the respective consulate. In a first step,… View Article


Since March 1, 2010, the new pass 10 is available. It is equipped with a chip, on which fingerprints and a facial image (passport photo) are stored. With this data, the security of travel documents is increased and their misuse is more difficult. The new pass 10 can be ordered via an online form, or… View Article
  1. Online Request
  2. Provisional Passport
  3. Taking a biometric Baby Photo
  4. Chip
  5. Passport Fees
  6. How do I make a biometric Passport Photo?
  7. Size

Foreign Resident’s Permit

For those who want to live and work in the Switzerland, a residence permit is mandatory. Short stays up to 3 months and also stays of non-employed persons up to 3 months, are valid as free of approval. Under certain circumstances, mostly depending on the country of origin of the concerning person, a registration at… View Article
  1. Foreign Residence Permit (Fees)
  2. Application


Card for beneficiaries of DI-pensions and helplessness allowance Responsibilities and procedures Since the 1st of January, 1996 the DI-offices confirm the reception of a DI-pension by means of a DI-card. The delivery is compulsory and occurs officially automatically with the delivery of the decree to the insured persons. The period of validity may be settled… View Article
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