Application Photo

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An application photo is usually provided in the format 60 mm × 45 mm and thus is a little bigger than an ususal passport photo. The application photo should be a portrait photo and thus only show your head, shoulders and perhaps a part of the chest. By a good application photo you have the possibility to decisively put yourself in scene – the first impression counts!

Look and posture of the head

A direct look and a friendly, natural smile make you likeable and authentic. The head should be centred in the middle on the application photo. One can also easily take the photo from the side. A slightly inclined head position is also possible. However, please do not exaggerate. For this, you best use the specially customized template of our application photo generator.

Clothes & hairstyle

Does it concern rather a conservative enterprise or are the clothing regulations rather liberal? If you apply, for example, on a streetworker job, a suit would be probably a little bit too pompous. Depending on branch quite different possibilities exist. However, with covered and rather darker colours – women blouse and blazer, men shirt, tie and jacket – applicants are probably on the right side for most of the jobs. Garish colours and patterns should better be avoided. Concerning clothes, instinct is asked, but as a rule of thumb. “Better too chic than the other way round”. The hair should definitively look well-arranged. Take the picture best of all a few days after a hairdresser visit and give yourself the necessary time. Besides, thanks to digital technology, you can take many pictures and select only the best.

Place of the photo

It is important that you choose a neutral background for your photo which forms a strong contrast to your clothes. A white wall is the way of choice. Choosing a photo booth cabin, the possibilities are more than limited. If you are applying for a job in the fresh air, e.g., as a gardener, you can also take a photo outside. Nevertheless, one should not be too adventuresome. Recruiters of larger companies have usually seen hundreds of images or developed grids by which your application photo could fail quickly.

We wish you a lot of success!