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The Disability insurance (DI) is the most important pillar of invalidity benefits in Switzerland (1st pillar). Like OASI, it is an obligatory insurance. It aims to use rehabilitation measures or financial support to ensure the livelihoods of those who suffer from disabilities.

Like the OASI and health insurance, the Swiss disability insurance (DI) is a compulsory Switzerland-wide insurance. The aim is to protect the livelihood of insured persons by means of integration measures or monetary benefits if they become disabled.

The DI is part of the confederate social security net. This is based on the three pillar concept: the state assurance with DI, to OASI and the supplement achievements (SA) as the first pillar, the professional precaution (pension fund) as the second pillar and the selfprecaution as the third pillar. This social security system is complemented by the public social help: Also known as welfare, it forms the last rallying net.

As with the OASI and the supplement achievements a legal entitlement to achievements also exists with DI if the conditions exactly agreed in the law are fulfilled.

The Swiss invalid’s assurance exists since 1960. Their origin decreases to 1925 when the Swiss vocal people agreed to a constitutional article to the creation of old-age insurances and invalid’s assurance.

Source: Info place OASI/DI