Biometric or not?

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One distinguishes passport photos whether or not they are biometric. A “regular” passport photo is a small picture that represents a person’s face. Earlier, the person was photographed mostly in the so-called half-profile.

Nowadays, biometric passport photos are required for almost all official identification documents. For biometric passport photos, there are strict specifications for head posture and facial expression. Also the size of the face on the photo is imposed. Moreover, the face is adapted to a template in order to uniformly and correctly read out the biometric characteristics of the face.

Overview of Swiss Identification Documents

For which Swiss identification documents currently biometric passport photos are required, can be found in following table:
Foreigner’s identity card no image adjust» residence permit (biometric) Yes image adjust» badge no image adjust» driver’s license no image adjust» half-fare card no image adjust» identity card Yes image adjust» Passport customize Yes image» student ID no image adjust» visa Yes size determine».

Document Biometric Passport Photo required? Action
Foreigner’s identity card no Adjust image »
Foreigner’s identity card (biometric) yes Adjust image »
Badge no Adjust image »
Driving license no Adjust image »
Half-fare no Adjust image »
ID-card yes Adjust image »
Passport yes Adjust image »
Student Card no Adjust image »
Visa yes Determine size »