Biometric Template

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The biometric passport photo template, which is used in the Switzerland, differs slightly from the template used in the EU. The Swiss regulations regarding the head posture and position of the eyes are not so rigorous in their interpretation. The face is also slightly adjusted as for example in Germany or France. Only in the United Kingdom the head is still represented a little smaller.

Die Schweizer Passbild-Schablone.

The exact specifications can be extracted from the Federal photo sample table. It shows also some sample images and common mistakes. The criteria for the acceptance of passport photos and identity cards are available on the pages of the Swiss ID card regulations.

If you like to customize a photo to the biometric template, you can use our online passport photo generator. The customized and tailored image can be downloaded for free.

Babyfoto in biometrischer Schablone.

A baby photo adjusted to the Swiss biometric template.

Or make it a simple and order prints with compliance check and professional image retouching. Thus, at each ordered photo we retouch for example regularly the background and some little things more.