Taking a biometric Baby Photo

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Babyfoto in biometrischer Schablone.

Biometric even for babys?

Yes, it sounds crazy, but also for young children and even a few weeks-old baby you can not avoid biometric passport photos for identity cards.

However, deviations in the head position (not of the frontal intake!), in the face, eyes and head are allowed for infants and young children up to the age of 6 years. Though, the face and the head must be photographed frontally.

More important than the facial expression of the baby is that the face is photographed frontally and that there is a light background that separates the clothes from the baby.

How to – Tips for the photo

Oftenly it does not work directly for the first time and the accepted or even perhaps ordered photo is not suited as a biometric passport photo. Have we checked it beforehand, this is fortunately not tragic. In contrast to a photo booth, we then always recommend once again to photograph the baby in a lying position on a light blanket. Very often, we get feedbacks that it then quickly and easily worked at the second attempt. Therefore, we also share this tip here.

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Besides, no shadows in the infant’s/baby’s face or on the background should be seen, which is why the photo is best taken during daylight and in a birght room. Difficult lighting conditions originate if daylight and lamps meet. Then, a side of the face is often bluish, the other yellowish. Therefore, if possible, one should avoid artificial light.

Also the flash of the camera may be used.

The image can then be normaly adapted to the biometric template in our passport photo generator.

For wide faces deviations in the height of the face are possible, so that the head does not extend at the side of the picture or is cut off.