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Nationals of Switzerland and Liechtenstein do not require a visa for entry into Ecuador up to a length of stay of 90 days. The application of a tourist visa is necessary for a tourist stay of more than 90 days. Business travelers, however, always require a visa. A regular passport photo is required in addition to a passport valid for at least six months. Furthermore a ticket is to be carried along for the return journey or continuation of the journey as well as a proof of sufficient finances for the duration of the stay.

A visa may be requested from the Ecuadorian Embassy in Bern. Please note that each visa must be registered upon arrival in Ecuador during the first 30 days in the Dirección de Extrangería (Quito: Diez de Agosto de Carrion, Edificio Solis, planta baja;) Telf: 593-2-2993200 Ext. 12201). The costs depend on the specifically requested visa type and range from 104 to 299 CHF.


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