Badge / Admission ID

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In particular, companies with a large number of employees issue every employee an internal document, the so-called badge or admission card. This has on the one hand a classical identity card function, on the other hand, serves regularly at the same time as an admission authorisation for the company area as well as for measuring working time.

For the purpose of the identification the badge or the admission card is very oftenly provided with a photo of the holder. Usually no no high demands for the passport photo are made: it is important on the one hand that the illustrated person is clearly recognizable (therefore a uniform background e.g. a white wall would be the coice) and on the other hand that the format of the passport photograph amounts to 35 × 45 mm.

The adaptation to the classical passport photograph format can be carried out easily and free of charge by means of our passport photo generator. Besides, idphoto offers corporate clients tailor-made possibilities and solutions to the procurement and treatment of employee’s photos. You find more information here.