Photo Booth or Photo Cabine

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A photo booth, sometimes also called photo cabine, is an approx. 2 m × 2 m × 1 m large construct, which contains an automatic camera, mostly based on coin-operation, as well as a photo quick development machine or a photo printer. Photo booths serve for passport photos or spontaneous memory images, which are in particular suitable for the wallet. Photo booths can frequently be found in central places, in train stations, ports or airports, amusement parks or shopping malls and in the one or the other club. The number of images and the prices vary from vendor to vendor.

However, with photo booths there is regularly no guarantee for the fact that one can use biometric passport photos which are accepted by the authorities.  As an alternative and in addition to a professional photographer order six passport photos using our passport photo generator for only 14.90 CHF. On this occasion, one receives as a customer the guarantee that the uploaded passport photos are in any case accepted by the authorities.