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For an entry in the People’s Republic of China (PR) a visa is required under all circumstances. For this two-coloured passport photos are required in the format 35 x 45 mm which may not be older than 6 months. The passport photo can be adapted with our passport photo generator fastly and simply to the right size. Up to few exceptions the biometric regulations, as they are also valid in Switzerland for all identity card documents, apply.

Since September 1, 2013, the new visa regulations apply. These specify to the in any case required essential documents, some additional documents. The essential and absolutely before application of the visa to be prepared documents, consist as follows:

  1. Passport with a least validity of 6 months after the desired travel stay and at least two free visa pages.
  2. The copy of the passport on which photo and data of the passport owner are to be seen.
  3. The completely satisfactory request form and a photo on which the whole head and a not concealed face is to be seen before a well illuminated background.
  4. (optionally) A copy of the residence permit must add all those which do not put the request in her homeland.
  5. (optionally) Already issued Chinese visas and passports of former citizens China VR.

A listing of the in addition required documents, for a desired visa.

As soon as all documents are put together and the application is filled completely, it can be delivered without necessary advance notification, however, at the earliest 90 days before travel beginning at the Embassy PR China in Bern or with the Consulate General PR China in Zurich and the visa can be applied.

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