Create photo for a Visa

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For some destinations beyond the EU a visa is required for Swiss tourists or business travellers. For this visa two topical, coloured passport photographs are required regularly in the US-American format 2 × 2 inches or 5 x 5 cm. To get this special visa photo format can be difficult and expensive. Besides, it is quite easy to provide even a visa photo with the digital camera or the smartphone.

Visa photo demands

Meanwhile almost everywhere in the world the biometric passport photograph regulations are valid in slightly modified form. Briefly summarised this means, that:

  • one may not smile
  • one may look absolutly frontal into the camera and
  • must stand in front of a monochrome light background (grey or white).

Due to the slightly larger frame than on normal passport photos usual in Switzerland, one must be able to see on the source photo also a part of the upper part of the body and regularly both shoulders entirely. Otherwise one notices with the fitting of the visa photo that something is absent below.

Taking a Visa Photo

Beset of all, one takes the photo, from 2 metres of distance. In addition, the camera should be held on eye level of the photographed person. For children one should go to the squat!

Shades in the background can be avoided if one stands a few steps away from the wall and renounces to the flash of the camera. For this, the room should be illuminated birghtly – best of all during the day.

Then the source photo can be cut in our visa photo generator free of charge and be adapted to the suitable template.